• Please shower or bathe the night before your scheduled evaluation.
  • Do not use any deodorant or antiperspirant any time prior to the appointment.
  • Take NO pain medication or aspirin at least 24 hours prior to imaging. If you do, advise staff of any medications you have taken including blood pressure, pain, circulation, anti-coagulants, or aspirin medications.
  • Do not sunbathe at least 5 days prior to your scheduled test.
  • Wear loose fitting garments and remove all jewelry prior to entering facility.
  • Do not consume any hot or cold beverages at least one hour prior to your images.
  • Do not smoke at least two hours prior to your evaluation.
  • Do not use lotions, creams, or powders or makeup on the breasts for 24 hours prior to your evaluation.
  • Remove all make-up from face prior to scan (for full- and upper-body scans only).
  • Do not consume caffeine at least one hour prior to scan.
  • No shaving or other hair removal of the areas to be imaged the day of the exam. 
  • No physical stimulation or treatment of the breasts, chest, neck, or back for 24 hours before the exam (no chiropractic, acupuncture, TENS, physical therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot or cold pack use).
  • No exercise 4 hours prior to your exam
  • If you are nursing, please try to not to nurse at least 1 hour prior to the exam if possible.

Note: Breast implants, breast reductions, and biopsies do not interfere with infrared imaging. Breast thermography is safe to have during pregnancy or when nursing. The procedure may also be performed during any part of the menstrual cycle without effecting the interpretation of the images.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our imaging center at (619) 788-6785.


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